A Thomas Concept Culture Transformation creates a community of aligned and engaged individuals who are valued as trusting and collaborative members of a healthcare organization that is committed to a common vision.

The broad phases of a Thomas Concept Culture Transformation are correlated to those of a primary care physician. Thomas Concept will:
  1. conduct an initial examination
  2. render a diagnosis
  3. prescribe a treatment plan
  4. monitor key indicators
  5. do routine checkups
  6. take preventative measures
  7. change prescriptions when necessary
  8. make referrals when appropriate
  9. be involved in client’s total cultural health
1. Conduct an initial examination
The initial examination is composed of understanding:
  • the current nature of the client culture
  • how the client is currently addressing inherent culture problems
2. Render a diagnosis
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Information from the Initial Examination is synthesized with data we have gathered over the years in our work with other healthcare clients. Our final Diagnosis is then formulated to describe the current state of the the client's culture and is part of the proposal submitted to the client by Thomas Concept.

3. Prescribe a Treatment Plan
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The Treatment Plan is composed of two phases:

  • the Initial Phase
  • the Maintenance Phase


The three parts of the Initial Phase are:

  • the foundational part is to teach the Opposite Strengths language and its use in building relationships through basic Opposite Strengths training for all organizational stakeholders so as to create a network of equal and respectful relationships throughout the culture
  • the reinforcement part is the combination of coaching and mediating services that Thomas Concept provides to reinforce the learnings from the foundational part
  • the custom part is the activity plan that is developed to incorporate additional activities such as follow-up workshops for all employees, speakers at appropriate intervals, and the inclusion of other consulting partners as needed

The Initial Phase instills Opposite Strengths as a common language of communication among all stakeholders and transforms the culture into a community of aligned, engaged individuals. Thomas Concept’s goal is to equip the client with the resources it needs to maintain the culture at the end of the Initial Phase. Should the client wish to include Thomas Concept in its efforts to maintain the culture at the conclusion of the Initial Phase, Thomas Concept will submit a proposal at that time to continue with the Maintenance Phase.

4. Monitor Key Indicators
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Thomas Concept regularly assesses the key metrics identified in the Initial Examination. These metrics include the voluntary-turnover rate as well as patient and employee satisfaction, physician engagement, vacancy rate, number of applications for open positions, and other data that the client collects on a regular basis. These metrics are part of the online, real-time Thomas Concept Culture Dashboard™ custom designed for the client.

5. Do Routine Checkups
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Thomas Concept Account Executives will create a comprehensive annual report on the state of the client culture and the progress in achieving the target objectives outlined in the Treatment Plan. This report will be available to the Board of Directors and key executives whom the CEO designates. In addition, the client will provide regular reports of pertinent metrics.

6. Take Preventative Measures
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If Thomas Concept finds that there is a need to administer additional supportive activities, we do so at the appropriate time so as to keep the progress of the Transformation on track to achieve target objectives.

7. Change Prescriptions When Necessary
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Thomas Concept has a wide variety of services and products to offer clients including remedial training, workshops on specific areas of interest, speaking, mediating, on-demand coaching (both peer and outside), teleclasses, books, online reports, and videos. Any or all of these services and products will be used in any area of the client which will benefit from them.

8. Make Referrals When Appropriate
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We maintain a network of relationships with other consultants and organizations with specific skills. Thomas Concept can partner with these specialists to work with specific people and/or teams at the client. All partners are well versed in the Opposite Strengths model and will reinforce the Transformation using the Opposite Strengths language.

9. Be Involved in Client’s Total Cultural Health
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Thomas Concept’s goal is to be involved in the total cultural health of the client. Our Transformation includes using any and all of our resources to ensure that the client becomes a Thomas Concept Sticky Organization. We strongly believe in the idea that we are successful only to the extent that the client achieves the targeted objectives that we set out to achieve.

For a complete description of the culture transformation process and a no-obligation assessment of how Thomas Concept can help your healthcare organization, please contact us.

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