Thomas Concept is organized around flexible teams composed of a Team Leader and a pool of Team Members. Team Leaders create custom teams from the pool of Team Members to work with individual clients to ensure the success of their culture transformations.
The Management Team provides resources, guidance, and leadership for all other teams and manages the culture transformations within clients.
  • Tommy Thomas, PhD, Austin, Texas, Team Leader
Account Executive
The Account Executive Team assesses culture transformation needs and develops partnerships with clients.
  • Rick Leffke, Carrollton, Texas, Team Leader
The Baldrige Team consults with clients who are competing in the Baldrige National Quality Program on how to incorporate the culture transformation into the Baldrige application process.
  • Rick Muller, PhD, Windsor, Colorado, Team Leader
The Evaluation Team conducts evaluation and research studies on the culture transformations to ensure that targeted metric objectives are met and documented and that their story can be told.
  • Gary Borich, PhD, Austin, Texas, Team Leader
The Faculty Team conducts all the training, facilitating, coaching, mediating, and speaking services portion of the culture transformation.
  • Wally Vlasak, Lakewood, Washington, Team Leader
The Finance Team creates financing arrangements for clients to be able to pay for implementing culture transformation out of the resulting savings.
  • Lou Manitzas, Austin, Texas, Team Leader
The Publications Team develops and publishes all materials used in training, coaching, mediating, and other services for culture transformations.
  • Mike Horton, EdD, Tulsa, Oklahoma, Team Leader
The PublicityTeams gets the story out about our clients’ success so that their position as a Thomas Concept Sticky Organization is known as widely as possible.
  • Cynthia Baker, Austin, Texas, Team Leader
The Website Team manages and operates our Websites and our clients’ use of them.
  • Hugh Poynor, PhD, Pensacola, Florida, Team Leader
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